Life Path

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About the Life Path
Cartes Tarot

"It is an introspective tool. It shows us the cards that have been distributed, entrusted to us at birth, and proposes a winning way of playing them. It invites us to observe ourselves in a more detached and distanced fashion in order to better understand ourselves, discover an inner struggle that may be causing us pain, but especially

  • to identify resources, energy reserves that can be used to help internal transformation. It teaches us to be in touch with our emotions, to chanel them, to use them to fuel our renewed creativity.
  • to engage, to begin a process of transformation useful to internal structuring, to allow us to better adapt to ourselves and to the world.

It's a FLIGHT PLAN, inviting us to steer our lives like an airplane!

The tarot reference tool is a model of the universe, a mirror to our inner self, a model of the world, a collection of ROAD SIGNS on an initiating road, a formal structure of a story that each person may read to themselves, a meditative tool for the human condition, a PSYCHOLOGICAL ORIENTATION tool.

It is an incomparable ally for everything associated with exploring our true inner world.

It is a GROWING tool that, instead of closing ourselves in by our limits and beliefs, offers those who are willing, CONCRETE SUGGESTIONS in all aspects of our existence by helping us better understand how to ACT with greater INDEPENDENCE ..."

G. C.

Cartes Tarot

Taking your life in your hand.

Inspired by this method and the energy of the "tarot facilitator":

If life has left you CONFUSED, if you feel a strong need for CHANGE

  • of behavior,
  • in your relationship with your significant other,
  • with your children,
  • your parents, your family,
  • your boss,
  • your friends, your relationships.............................................

If you need to REORIENT yourself

  • on all levels,
  • in all aspects

Allow me to suggest the "LIFE PATH" that can come to your rescue, to help since it is your "INNER PHOTO"

You will discover your inner treasures, your limits to challenge, your energetic potential for the year and much more...

It all starts by contacting me: and I will explain how the process works.

I look forward to reading you through the cards!