The Tarot-facilitator

Denise Roussel method

Now includes the english translation!
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Khity San's conception: images and book; symbolism drawn from other works

Registered copywright: INPI #181564 091203 – SGDL #20031209193 and #2004010285

ISBN 2-9524143-0-0 – EAN 9782952414302

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Thamalou - Le livre

Thamalou - Le jeu

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  • The Magician I — Knowledge, change; The beginning of the way
  • The High Priestess II — Femine principle within; Mother Goddess, initiating
  • The Empress III — Creativity; Spirituality
  • The Emperor IV — Mental mastery; practical sense
  • The Hierophant V — Pure actions, a straightforward look, respect, loyalty
  • The Lovers VI — Number of testing by choice and opposition
  • The Chariot VII — Sacred number, culmination, accomplishement
  • Justice VIII — Number of transformations, of the infinite, the movement of energy
  • The Hermit IX — Prudence, morality, respectability, inner life, to gain experiences
  • The Wheel of Fortune X — Number of regeneration, transformations, perfect number
  • Strength XI — Confidence, boldness, courage, willpower
  • The Hanged Man XII — Number of passive intuition, detachment imagination, creativity
  • Death XIII — Transformations, transition, identity
  • Temperance XIV — Self control, patience, prudence, cordial virtue, communication
  • The Devil XV — Powerful energy, maximised magnetic force
  • The Tower XVI — Thoughtless unawarness, psychological problems, destruction of excessive rigidity
  • The Star XVII — Inward truth, hope, serenity, guidance, protection, creativity, generosity
  • The Moon XVIII — Creativity, the past, the unconscious
  • The Sun XIX — Elevation of the spirit, reconstruction with hapiness and success
  • The Jugement XX — Resurrection, rebirth of life and love
  • The World XXI — Harmony, every energy vibrates and harmonises, reunited in perfection
  • The Fool XXII — Possibility of a brighter tomorrow, choice and personal effort
The tarot "facilitator" is a deck of cards composed of 22 major arcanas each representing a classic archetype. Each one is accompanied by it's significance in the language of RUNES and the HEBREW LETTRES. The arcane imagery is drawn from the symbolism of classic entertainment or divinatory uses. It is also possible to use it as a projective tool according to the Jung or Rorschach techniques for which the images represent the foundation of our behavioral subconscious thoughts at the moment of each drawn card. The order of the cards reflects a deep understanding of ones interior. It is possible to analyse the cards at different levels: projective reading, archetype, enriched by the runic and hebraic meanings. This deck has no numbers, contrary to classic tarot, in order to avoid any mental or cultural numerical references.
CLASSIC DRAW - explanation - For a specific answer, ask a specific question! You may draw one to three cards at random in order to obtain an answer on different levels: material level, emotional level, spiritual level or all three as needed. Look at each card after they have been chosen and say, without thinking, what you see in that moment, even if it seems ridiculous! Write all the words down, if you are alone, or ask the person accompanying you to do so in order not to miss any details. The reflection of your subconscious mind will depend on many factors of the present moment and may help you discover where you are in your life, your desires, your fears and more.
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